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    The Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform


The Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform converges compute and storage into a single system, eliminating the need for traditional storage arrays. Each Nutanix node runs an industry-standard hypervisor and a Nutanix controller VM, which handles all I/O operations for the local hypervisor. Storage resources are exposed to the hypervisor through traditional interfaces, and are pooled and made available to all VMs. The convergence of compute and storage into a single appliance provides a flexible, scalable building block for the modern datacenter.

Scale out

The Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform is the antithesis of a single machine. It provides a unified, always-on cluster of compute and storage nodes that can run any virtual machine at massive scale. If more storage or compute capacity is required, additional Nutanix nodes can be added non-disruptively, one at a time. Unlike traditional SAN/NAS solutions that are limited to a small number of hardware-based controllers, the Nutanix, software-based, n-way controller architecture scales proportionately with cluster growth. Enterprises benefit from a scale-out technology that is economical, flexible and predictable.

The Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform

An extensible, appliance-based server with built-in enterprise storage that optimizes any VM.

Increased efficiency

Single infrastructure runs all applications at high performance – eliminating inefficient datacenter silos

Predictable costs

Linear scale‐out architecture makes it easy to accurately forecast IT requirements and project costs


Integrate server and storage, lowering datacentre equipment and power/cooling costs compared to a traditional SAN

Simplify DC architectures

A ‘building block’ approach eliminates complex SAN/NAS while scaling resources with a single-pane-of-glass management


Nutanix employs a highly distributed software architecture to deliver enterprise data storage as an on-demand service. The system embeds all control logic into intelligent virtual machines that run on each cluster node. As a 100% software-driven solution, all Nutanix services are ‘late bound.’ Policy controls are never tied to hardware. Additionally, all software-defined services are entirely VM-centric, including snapshots, high availability (HA), disaster recovery, de-duplication and more.

Server-attached Flash

The Nutanix solution integrates enterprise-grade flash into each node — converging flash and compute resources into a single appliance to deliver the fastest possible application performance. The Nutanix Distributed File System pools server-attached flash capacity across all Nutanix nodes into a single shared resource that is accessible to all virtual machines in the cluster. Unlike competing flash-based storage solutions, Nutanix maintains a fully persistent data tier in flash – not just a cached copy. The Virtual Computing Platform also distributes metadata intelligently throughout the flash tier to enable massive and truly linear scale-out.


Nutanix has designed its Virtual Computing Platform for hybrid deployments. Its distributed software architecture is completely hypervisor agnostic. Nutanix customers, for example, can run vSphere virtual machines (VMs) adjacent to KVM-based VMs to facilitate mixed workload environments. Similarly, Nutanix is built to function independently of storage media. Besides storing data using local high-capacity hard disk drives and advanced solid-state flash, the Nutanix architecture is extensible. It will enable easy consumption of public clouds via standards-based APIs to build seamless hybrid cloud environments.

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