With SmartCore, WebScale IT is for Everyone

The benefits of web-scale infrastructure are now within reach at any scale and for all workloads through the Tech Solutions for Business SmartCore Cloud.

Servers on Demand with SmartCore

Tech Solutions for Business is committed to helping Kiwi businesses grow through the provision of IT Solutions. With over 20 years experience, we have learned that the most robust system possible for your business is a new-age enterprise-grade platform, but due to the substantial capital investment required, it is simply out of reach for most New Zealand businesses.

With the maturity of resource-sharing technologies, the very latest hyper-converged Web Scale technologies and New Zealand’s broadband network, Tech Solutions for Business can now provide unprecedented levels of IT performance, security and reliability to mid-sized Kiwi businesses at an affordable rate. No more worrying about the server in the corner, air-con failures, power-cuts, and expensive upgrades. Move to SmartCore and enjoy the ability to focus on your business.

You don’t need to invest in expensive and complex physical hardware, or the expertise and time to manage them. You can provision new computing resources, deploying just the right IT infrastructure for your next project, when you need it, at the right size and with room to grow.

Pay as you Grow

PCI Security Standard Compliant

Backup Included

High Availability and Dual Site Redundant

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SmartCore Cloud

SmartCore Cloud is based on the latest evolution in datacentre technologies, providing Web-Scale IT through hyper-converged server and storage environments across sites in Auckland and Hamilton.

Super-fast performance, ultra-reliability, endless scalability and agility, and easy disaster-recovery.

  • Preserve capital for core business assets with monthly payments
  • Experience enterprise-grade benefits like built in redundancy, professional housing, generators, dual power and multiple data feeds for a fraction of the cost
  • Focus your technologists on delivering ways to take your business forward rather than maintaining outdated computing systems

Free your Innovators

No more worrying about the server in the corner, air-con failures, power-cuts, and expensive upgrades. Move to SmartCore and enjoy the ability to focus on your business.

Powerful Infrastructure

Very high quality server and network infrastructure powered by Nutanix. Available in New Zealand for the first time ‘as a service’.

SmartCore Connect

SmartCore Connect links your computers to each other, to your hosted servers and to the internet via fast, secure and reliable business-grade connections.

Partnering with New Zealand’s best DSL providers, we design and configure networks for businesses to ensure your computers and devices are not constrained by their connections. We are not limited to any single provider and have the flexibility to find you the best option for your unique requirements.

SmartCore Connect also includes ongoing management to ensure your connection continues to perform as expected.

With SmartCore Connect:

• Better data security
• Improved productivity
• Faster application performance


Confidence of One

Tech Solutions for Business can manage it all – from the Cloud to the Desktop, to ensure the fastest possible resolution to any issue and the least stress on your business.

Performance & Scalability

SmartCore Connect takes an IT-approach to Telecommunications and delivers stress-free connectivity to your data.

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